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Meet the Photographer,  Mike Hughes

My photography inspiration comes from my Father who was an avid amateur and won the Irish National Photograph of the year in 1988. He brought me on many early morning escapades up the Wicklow mountains, something I probably didn't appreciate enough at the time, but looking back now, it was high-quality time with my Dad and something I reflect on regularly as I do the same with my children.

Photography Shot_edited.jpg

I purchased my first Nikon in 2002 on my way to the Monaco Grand Prix, and fell in love with the challenge of capturing moments in time in an accurate and interesting way. A year later, I moved to the U.S. and began the journey into digital photography with a revolutionary Nikon D100.....the rest is history!

Now that I am living near the Teton mountains - one of the richest sources of wildlife and spectacular landscapes, I am spending more and more time behind the lens capturing nature's wonders. It really is a family effort and Allyson and I are excited to see both of children, Keelin & Michael, also take an active interest.  

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IMG_3587 copy_edited.jpg

The Origin of Acushla

Acushla (pronounced ah-coo-shla) is an Irish word that means pulse or beat of the heart. It is a phrase used regularly as a term of endearment. My wife, Allyson, and I decided to partner on a new venture - Acushla Creative, of which Acushla Photography is a part. Allyson has an interior design background and has helped many clients design, select, size, frame and position photos and other artwork in their homes and offices. Together, we would be happy to help you enhance the visual spaces you  live and work in. 


What Clients Are Saying...

“Our offices needed brightening and I wanted to keep a natural theme. Mike's photos of mountain landscapes and wildlife looked amazing on Instagram and when we had them printed, looked even better. The framing and print quality are amazing and we get comments from every customer who walks through the facility on the eye catching images”


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