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Purchasing Options

All prints come on Acid-free, fine art paper with a smooth 100% cotton base and natural white surface. All prints are given a 1 inch border and then trimmed to the edge of the border (this option is typical for framing).
Bordered Edge.png
All framed photographs are printed onto a satin/non-gloss, strong, & durable stretched canvas.  The canvas is inset into a walnut veneer moulding, creating a customized touch for your artwork.

Other moulding options are available through our Custom Ordering process below.
Walnut Moulding 1.png
All prints & framed photographs have the option of including my printed signature in the bottom corner of the photo for authenticity.  This option is available when selecting the medium and size for purchase.
Peter Iredale Wreck 8-18.jpg
Signature Example 2.jpg
Custom Order Anchor

Let us help you create a unique custom piece or collection....  

Please fill out the relevant information below if you would like to have a photograph(s) printed in a different medium, size or framing option not already offered. If you require international shipping, please inquire here. You can also request design help from Allyson Hughes. There are many options in frames and mediums, too numerous to mention, so don't hesitate to get creative!

Start Customizing Here

Please fill out the following information to help us form a starting point for your custom piece. 

Thanks for submitting!

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