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Moulton Barn at Sunrise

Moulton Barn at Sunrise

One of the classic scenes at Tetons. These ancient barns create the perfect foreground for some of the most phographable mountains on the planet. Taken at 6am on an August morning, just when the light catches the peaks of the Tetons.


    All framed photographs are printed onto a satin/non-gloss, strong, & durable stretched canvas.  The canvas is inset into a walnut veneer moulding, creating a customized touch for your artwork.

    Other moulding options are available through our Custom Ordering Process.


    All prints & framed photographs have the option of including my printed signature in the bottom corner of the photo for authenticity.  This option is available when selecting the medium and size for purchase.


    All photographs can be customized in additional sizes and frame options.   Please contact Acushla Photography to inquire using our contact form.

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